I will draw your attractive and professional logo mascots or avatars

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Logo mascot is a visual digital drawing that pictures the name of your brand or business.
* It gives easy Communication
*It gives fast understanding of the business aims
* It is readable by all
* It is catchy and attractive
*It's stands out and is unique
* Attraction of clients or customers which leads to increase in sales.
With all these benefits, you can be able to note that logo mascot is indeed important and required


* My services are unique and professional as the way your choice goes.
* My services are flexible enough and respectful of the deadlines given.
* Ultimate understanding and patience as you describe your idea of want.
*Creativity, you won't even complain that there's a lookalike or similarities with another business logo mascot.


I am Sylvia, an independent graphics designer, art illustrator for 5 years. I care about customer satisfaction, transparency and perfection which is so vital.
I have worked in companies giving them the product as they want with unique creativity. I also involve in production of mini story books for organisational Childern books, clothing brands and much more.
It's important to me to offer you a flexible service while respecting the deadlines and constraints that are set for me.

1) For 15e..... (Basic offer)-
You will get a half body lineart drawing of your mascot with one touch-up in Jpeg.

2) For 25e..... (Half body mascot logo)-
*Half body and coloured mascot logo in PNG or Jpeg.
*HD quality and 3 touch ups.

3) 40e...... ( Full body mascot logo)-
*Full body and coloured
* HD quality and 4 touch ups

4) 15e...... (Additional character)

5) 10e..... ( Special decorations)

6)5e....... ( Addition of text )
These are stated out for east understanding and notice, so why don't you contact me and let's bring that idea to life.

I will draw your attractive and professional logo mascots or avatars

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Syls_des 5 juin 2024

“Am Syl_Des, am here to give to you that amazing taste in bringing your art ideas to reality.
With dedication and patience; success comes out.
I know some of you might not want to try and give me your jobs to handle but try it first and won't regret. See you soon!”

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