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Transform your workflow with a smart solution: Automate Make ex Integromat with ChatGPT to free up your time and optimize your productivity.

Tired of spending too much time on repetitive and tedious tasks in your business process?

❗ Do you want to free up time to focus on higher-value business processes?

❗ Would you like to accomplish more by optimizing processes and increasing the productivity of your company through automation?

❗ Are you looking for a solution to enhance your team's agility and maximize your results with intelligent automation?

❗ Have you already made costly mistakes due to manual and repetitive tasks?

❗ Are you looking for a way to reduce human errors through robotization of your processes?

❗ Do you want to ensure the reliability of your business processes by automating more?

❗ Are you looking for ways to reduce labor costs through software robots?

❗ Do you want to optimize your operational processes to improve efficiency and save money through digitalization?

❗ Are you looking for a customized solution to automate your HR processes or others?

❗ Are you looking for an automation solution that utilizes the most advanced technologies such as AI and intelligent features to enhance the efficiency of your production process?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we are able to provide you with automation solutions. Read on 🔽

I know how tedious it can be for you and your team to manage simple and repetitive tasks. I understand that these tasks can take a lot of time and effort, while also being sources of costly errors for your company.

Worry no more! With our automation systems, you will no longer have to endure this nightmare.


We offer to analyze your repetitive tasks, model your business processes, and implement automations in Make (formerly Integromat) so they execute automatically with our automatons.

Our automation service enables automating repetitive and tedious tasks in your company using the most advanced technologies such as AI and intelligent robots. We work with you to understand the specific needs of your business and tailor a solution to help you free up time, increase productivity, reduce errors, and save money through the growing automation of your processes.

Open AI chatGPT and GPT-3
Go High Level
Google My Business (GMB)
Google Sheets
QuickBooks Online
Zoho CRM
Zoho Campaigns
Google Drive
Google Forms
Microsoft Dynamics CRM


The next 10 orders benefit from a bonus:
➡ An ebook: Guide to using chatGPT. It's a 19-page guide that I designed myself. With this guide, you will master intelligent automation and the best practices for automating work processes with ChatGPT. It's a limited offer, so make your decision now and increase your return on investment.

What is Make (formerly Integromat) ❓

Make, previously known as Integromat, is an automation tool that allows the automation of business processes by connecting various applications and services in one place. With its digital transformation capabilities, Make optimizes business processes.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks: Make helps you automate simple and repetitive tasks, thereby freeing your team to focus on more value-added tasks.

Integration of Multiple Applications: With Make, you can connect and automate various applications and services, thus enhancing the efficiency and traceability of your process flow.

Customization: Make offers a flexible user interface to create customized automation scenarios that meet your business process automation needs.

With Make, once the automation process is set up, it runs autonomously, without any need for your intervention.

🤖 The potential of Robotic Process Automation with ChatGPT 🤖

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is an advanced software robot that uses machine learning to produce text similar to that produced by a human. It understands context, answers questions, writes texts, and more. But the real strength of ChatGPT lies in its ability to be automated for automating operations.

Whether it's writing blog articles, creating social media posts, drafting product descriptions, or creating scripts for videos, by integrating ChatGPT with Make, you can accomplish all these tasks automatically. It's an emerging Business Process Management (BPM) tool, and very few people truly know how to leverage it.

👉 We offer you the opportunity here to stand out from the crowd and optimize your business processes to enhance your productivity and achieve a higher level of automation.


🔰 Time Saving

Our automation service with Make and ChatGPT can save you considerable time in your daily operations. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks with our Make automation expertise, you can free up time for your employees to focus on more important and creative tasks. Moreover, our no-code automation solution with Make helps in cutting down downtime and delays, thereby speeding up your business processes and enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, our automatic creation solution is easily customizable to meet the specific needs of your business, allowing you to further reduce delays and maximize your working time.

🔰 Productivity Increase

Our automation service with Make and ChatGPT can significantly increase your business's productivity. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, our Make automation solutions for businesses enable your employees to concentrate on more important and high-value tasks for your company. Automation, particularly with our automatic content creation service with ChatGPT, also helps in reducing errors and downtime, which increases the efficiency of your business processes.

🔰 Error Reduction

Our automation service with Make and ChatGPT can substantially reduce the risk of human errors in your business operations. By automating repetitive and tedious tasks, we can minimize data entry errors, calculation errors, communication errors, and much more. With workflow automation with Make, the processes are carried out consistently and accurately, reducing the chances of mistakes that can cost time, money, and harm your business's reputation. Ultimately, automation, especially our automatic writing service with ChatGPT, allows you to focus on more important and creative tasks while ensuring that repetitive tasks are carried out with high precision and reliability.

🔰 Automated Customer Service

Our solution allows you to personalize the support experience, using chatbots that reflect the image and values of your company. By choosing our automated customer service solution, particularly through the automation of artificial intelligence ChatGPT and the creation of automatic chatbots with ChatGPT, you can significantly improve the quality and speed of your customer service, while reducing your costs. Furthermore, the integration of automatic ChatGPT with Make ensures a smooth and efficient interaction with your clients.

🔰 Sales Automation

Our solution enables sales automation with Make and ChatGPT, allowing you to simplify and accelerate your sales process. We use custom AI chatbots and models to automate lead qualification tasks, track prospects, and manage contracts. This saves you time and energy, allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks, such as automatic content creation for offers and closing sales. Our ChatGPT automation service and Make automation solutions for businesses are valuable tools to maximize your efficiency.

🔰 Marketing Automation

Our service enables marketing automation, allowing you to leverage the latest technologies to enhance the efficiency and profitability of your marketing campaigns. We use custom chatbots and AI models to automate repetitive tasks such as automatic post creation for social networks, sending newsletters, and managing social networks. This saves you time and energy, allowing you to focus on more creative and strategic tasks. Our automatic writing services and automatic content generation are valuable tools to optimize your marketing strategy.

🔰 HR Automation

Our service offers HR automation with Make to help you easily and efficiently manage administrative tasks related to HR. We use advanced technologies such as AI and chatbots for automation of responses, specifically using ChatGPT for automation, to automate tasks such as sorting applications, scheduling interviews, sending follow-up emails, and much more. This allows you to save time and efficiency, reducing the administrative workload on your HR staff with our ChatGPT automation service. Additionally, by using our no-code automation solution with Make, you can also enhance the candidate experience, providing them with a quick and effective response.

🔰 Operations Automation

Our Make automation service for businesses provides operations automation to assist you in reducing the time and effort needed to perform repetitive tasks. We utilize cutting-edge technologies such as AI and ChatGPT artificial intelligence automation features to automate tasks that do not require human decision-making. This enables you to focus on more significant and complex tasks that require human intervention, thereby increasing your business efficiency and productivity with our ChatGPT automation solutions. Furthermore, with our automatic content creation service, we can automate various content-related tasks, thus enhancing the overall productivity of your operations.

🔰 Custom Features

Our service offers custom features to meet your business's exact needs. As an expert in Make automation, we work closely with you to understand your business processes and identify tasks that can benefit from our ChatGPT automation service. We then design a no-code automation solution with Make tailored precisely to your needs, adding specific features such as data synchronization, internal communication, alerts, and notifications, and much more. For example, our automatic content creation service can help you generate automatic content for websites or social networks. Moreover, with our automatic writing with ChatGPT, you can automatically create blog articles, web content, or marketing content. With our custom Make automation solution, you can expect a significant improvement in the efficiency and productivity of your business, while benefiting from our conversation automation with ChatGPT to save time and money.

Don't Wait Any Longer! Contact us now to get your automations.


🔰 ChatGpt + Facebook + Google Forms

Imagine running a food delivery business that regularly receives orders via Facebook Messenger. Your current process involves manually jotting down the order information and entering it into a Google form for your delivery team to process. This manual process is both tedious and prone to human errors.

Thanks to ChatGpt and Make, you have the ability to streamline this process and automate it. ChatGpt can be configured to automatically respond to incoming Facebook Messenger messages, allowing you to automate the collection of relevant information, such as delivery address, food type, and quantity.

Next, Make can automate the procedure of integrating this extracted information into a pre-filled Google form. This automated form can then be sent to your delivery team, who can then process the order and deliver it.

By automating this business process, you increase efficiency and reduce the risk of human errors, resulting in productivity gains. Your customers benefit from faster and more accurate service, increasing their customer satisfaction and loyalty.

🔰 ChatGpt + LinkedIn + WordPress

An automation scenario with ChatGpt, LinkedIn, and WordPress can be implemented with Integromat to create an intelligent automation solution that delivers strong added value:

  1. The workflow process starts with a potential customer sending a message on the company's LinkedIn page.
  2. Integromat detects this message, triggering an automation operation that sends it to ChatGpt for a personalized response generation.
  3. ChatGpt's response, a result of an intelligent automation process, is sent back to Integromat, which then sends it in reply to the prospect on LinkedIn.
  4. If the prospect responds again, Integromat captures the message and adds it to a task list for follow-up later.
  5. Integromat uses this list to send an email to the sales team, alerting them that a new potential customer is interested in their services.
  6. The sales team can then reach out to the prospect to discuss their needs and close a sale, thanks to this automation of procedures.
  7. If the prospect wants to learn more about the company's services, Integromat can also automate the creation of a relevant blog post on WordPress, based on the information provided by ChatGpt. This helps provide a useful resource to the prospect and enhance their confidence in the company.

This scenario illustrates how, through business process automation, it's possible to quickly respond to prospects on LinkedIn with ChatGpt and facilitate the sales team's work by providing qualified leads. Additionally, the automated creation of blog posts on WordPress helps to build the company's credibility and attract more qualified prospects.


🔰 McKinsey

According to a study conducted by McKinsey, employees spend an average of 28% of their weekly working hours reading and responding to emails, as well as searching for information necessary for their work. Automation, particularly intelligent automation, helps optimize these simple and repetitive tasks and frees up time for higher-value activities. For example, automation tools such as CRM or ERP can automate operations related to these repetitive tasks like following up on potential clients or managing business processes related to billing.

🔰 Gartner

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 50% of companies will have automated at least a portion of their business processes, from their back office to their customer relationship, including their production processes. This trend shows that companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of procedure automation and AI in the digital transformation of their structure. Automation solutions like bots and software robots play a key role in this increased automation of business processes.

🔰 Forrester

According to Forrester, business process automation can lead to cost reductions of up to 90%, while improving the quality and efficiency of work. This shows that automation, especially through sophisticated automation tools like robotic process management or intelligent automation, can not only optimize costs but also enhance the quality of tasks. Furthermore, industrial automation and automation systems can help streamline business processes, especially those that are repetitive or of low added value. Companies can also engage integrators to implement these systems and ensure a quick return on investment.


We are a digital agency specializing in business process optimization and digital transformation. Our team of information system experts includes developers, software robots, and intelligent automation experts. Our goal is to automate business processes to the fullest, from repetitive processes to simple and repetitive tasks, using cutting-edge automation tools to enhance the agility of your business.

We have strong expertise in process robotization, the use of robotics, and machine learning-based solutions to further automate manual processes, thus providing significant productivity gains. We also develop smart user interfaces to streamline processes and facilitate automation.

Thanks to our skill in procedure automation, we can automate part or all of the life cycle of your business processes, whether HR processes, production processes, or accounting processes. Our team uses tools like Trello, SharePoint, and other workflow software to standardize processes and simplify the end-to-end process.

Our expertise in increasing automation of recruitment processes, billing, and follow-up will enable you to achieve a quicker return on investment and increase your level of automation. We also use bots to automate data collection and extraction, along with automated testing to ensure the quality of our solutions.

Aware of the impact of artificial intelligence and robotics on process optimization, we have invested time and effort in mastering these technologies. We can offer robust automation solutions, capable of automating repetitive and low-value-added tasks, thus freeing your team to focus on more value-added tasks.

We would be delighted to help you integrate the benefits of process automation into your daily life to help you grow your business. Through our approach focused on business process management (BPM), we can tailor the process to your specific needs while ensuring the traceability and orchestration of your business processes.

Call on our services to benefit from increased automation of your business processes and accelerate your digital transformation.

👉 Enough about us. Contact us now to discuss your automation project.

Our Working Process

Step 1

Initial Contact
We discuss your project
We assess feasibility
You share your goals and expectations
You provide all necessary information and resources.

Step 2

We configure your accounts affected by the automations
We integrate different functionalities with Make
We conduct tests of all functionalities

Step 3

We let you test the automation
You evaluate it
Then we handle any revisions if there are any
We finalize the order


To subscribe to this service, you will need:
➡ An account on the different applications you want to automate
➡ An account on Make (formerly integromat) for task automation.

BASIC OFFER: €50 - 2 days
For €80 you will get:
➡ Analysis of up to 3 repetitive tasks
➡ 1 scenario: A sequence of automated tasks
➡ Connection of up to 2 applications
➡ 3 tasks

Standard Pack €150 4 days
Analysis of up to 10 repetitive tasks
2 scenarios: 2 sequences of automated tasks
Connection of up to 3 applications
10 tasks

Pro Pack €250 6 days
Analysis of up to 20 repetitive tasks
3 scenarios: 3 sequences of automated tasks
Connection of up to 4 applications
20 tasks


Features Description
Service Automation of writing posts for social media
Applications used Google Forms, ChatGPT, Notion
Functionality Use of Google Forms to collect information needed for the post (e.g., subject, tone, target audience, etc.). ChatGPT generates content based on this information. The generated content is then automatically added to a dedicated Notion page for review and publication.
Benefits Significant time savings, consistent and quality content, ease of use, fully automated process, ability to generate a high volume of posts.
Applications Ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to automate their social media marketing, communication agencies, freelancers, etc.


Features Description
Service Automation of writing personalized prospecting emails
Applications used Google Sheets, ChatGPT, Notion
Functionality Use of Google Sheets to collect and organize information on each prospect (e.g., name, company, industry, specific needs, etc.). ChatGPT generates a personalized prospecting email based on this information. The generated email is then automatically added to a dedicated Notion page for review and sending.
Benefits More efficient prospecting, personalized messages for each prospect, significant time savings, ease of use, fully automated process.
Applications Ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to optimize their prospecting, sales teams, marketing agencies, etc.


Your customer satisfaction is our absolute priority. We are confident in the quality of our automation services, business process management, and automation solutions that we offer. We are ready to guarantee our work, whether it's workflow automation, procedure automation, or robotization of repetitive tasks.

If, for any reason, you are not entirely satisfied with the service we have provided, whether it's our automation tool, our software robots, or the level of automation achieved, we commit to offering you a service rectification or, if you prefer, a full refund.

Our "satisfied or completely refunded" policy is our commitment to you, ensuring that every automation project is handled with the highest level of professionalism and dedication. Because we believe in our services, and we believe in your right to an exceptional customer experience in the context of digital transformation.

Don't forget 😉

🚀 Promotional Offer 🚀

The next 10 orders receive additionally:
➡ An ebook: Guide to using ChatGPT. This is a 19-page ebook that I have written myself. With the content of this ebook, you will have the best practices to optimize business processes, understand intelligent automation, and the role of automatons in your information system.

This valuable tool will help you digitalize your business processes, implement suitable process models, understand the importance of traceability, orchestration, and incident management in an automated environment. Additionally, it will give you the keys to successfully implement complete automation and will explain how to manage the process of dematerialization.

This ebook also guides you on how to further automate your simple and repetitive tasks and how to automate the workflow procedure to obtain a significant return on investment.

I give it to you as a Bonus in addition to my service. It's a limited offer so take action now.

Contact us now

We offer customized features, efficient automation of operations, sales, HR, and marketing, as well as automated customer service to enhance your productivity, reduce errors, and save time. We also take into account data security and offer quality technical support. We look forward to working on your project and assisting you in your digital transformation. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss how our automation service with Make and ChatGPT can meet your specific needs.

We Answer All Your Questions - FAQ

What is a workflow?

A workflow, or business process, is a term used to describe the sequence of tasks, business processes, and steps needed to complete a specific activity or achieve a specific goal. In other words, it's a visual modeling or detailed description of each step involved in an automation process. It is the set of automated actions and connections you would set up to further automate a specific process.

For example, if you wish to automate the follow-up of a welcome email to each new subscriber on your website, your workflow could include steps such as extracting data from the new subscriber from a database, creating the welcome email, and then sending that email to the new subscriber's address.

The workflow allows you to visualize and manage the process, ensuring that everything is well connected and operates efficiently. It also allows you to define conditions and rules to automate specific actions based on events that occur.

With intelligent automation that can be achieved with the help of software robots, such as those used in process robotics, you have the opportunity to create powerful and complex workflows to automate your repetitive tasks and processes, thus allowing you to achieve productivity gains. By using automation tools, you can also optimize processes, which is an essential part of the digital transformation of businesses.

Furthermore, the workflow also facilitates the invoice processing, customer relationship, and other accounting and administrative processes, making them more agile and efficient. It also simplifies the back office management and allows to improve customer satisfaction by making the end-to-end process more fluid. With increasing automation, it is possible to automate to the maximum low-value-added tasks, leaving more time for high-value-added tasks.

How does your service integrate into my company's existing processes?
Our Make automation service for businesses can easily integrate into your company's existing processes thanks to the use of Make (formerly Integromat). This no-code automation solution with Make allows seamlessly connecting various applications and services, enabling integration and automation with Make transparent of our solution. We also offer automatic content creation services and can work with your team to customize the integration according to your specific needs and internal processes, including automatic chatbot creation with ChatGPT. In this way, our ChatGPT automation service can easily adapt to your company's requirements and significantly improve the efficiency of your operations, especially through the automation of ChatGPT responses.

How Does AI Automation Work with Make (formerly Integromat) in a Business Process Management (BPM) Environment?
AI automation with Make (formerly Integromat), an automation tool, relies on an integration system of different online services. It enables the connection of applications, platforms, or automation tools with each other to facilitate data flows and automated actions. Make (formerly Integromat) uses scenarios to define various stages of process automation, thereby making business processes more agile. These scenarios are built from modules, which are software robots that provide specific functional building blocks to further automate the workflow. By selecting the appropriate modules and configuring them as needed, an automation flow can be created, enabling process optimization and contributing to increasing automation. Make's (formerly Integromat) AI automation operates with intelligent algorithms, acting like automata, allowing for data processing logically and quickly. Modules can perform actions such as data retrieval, transformation, sending notifications, file creation, etc. They can also be combined with artificial intelligence tools to carry out more advanced tasks like image recognition or natural language processing. In summary, AI automation with Make (formerly Integromat) uses scenarios and modules to connect and automate various actions between applications and platforms, utilizing intelligent algorithms to optimize data efficiently, thus providing complete automation.

What Types of Repetitive Tasks Can Be Automated with Make (formerly Integromat) in the Context of Digital Transformation?

Make (formerly Integromat), an automation solution, offers great flexibility in terms of tasks that can be automated, allowing for maximum automation to achieve the maximum return on investment. Here are some common tasks that are often automated using this platform:

  • Data Synchronization: It is possible to automate the collection and synchronization of data between different applications or platforms. For example, you can set up a scenario that automatically synchronizes contacts between your CRM and your information system.

  • Data Processing: Make (formerly Integromat) allows for modeling and processing data automatically, thus helping to streamline the process. You can, for instance, automate the retrieval of data from a specific source and transform it into a usable format for another application, contributing to dematerialization and digitization.

  • Notifications: You can set up scenarios that automate the operations of sending notifications through email, SMS, or other user interfaces based on specific events. For example, you can be alerted when a new important email is received or when an expense exceeds a certain threshold.

  • File Creation: Make (formerly Integromat) can automatically generate forms and files in various formats. For example, you can create a scenario that automatically generates dashboards or reports from data and sends them via email to a list of recipients.

In short, Make (formerly Integromat) offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of task automation, covering areas such as data synchronization, data processing, notifications, and file creation, offering great agility to business processes.

How is data security ensured within the framework of automation?
We do not store our clients' data on our servers. Instead, we use reliable and secure cloud services to store and process data within our no-code automation solutions with Make. With our Make automation expertise, you can be sure that we use robust data processing practices to handle your automation tasks with Make and ChatGPT.
In addition, as part of our automated writing service with ChatGPT, we use automatic content creation services to generate text, but we do not retain this data once it has been used.
We place great importance on the security of the ChatGPT automation services and Make that we offer. You can be sure that we will never share your credentials or data with others when using our automatic content creation services and automated writing services.

Can I integrate Make (formerly Integromat) with other automation tools and BPM (Business Process Management) platforms that I already use for business process optimization?

Absolutely, Make (formerly Integromat) is designed to automate the process of integrating with a multitude of existing platforms and automation tools. It offers a wide range of modules that allow you to connect and integrate various business process management applications, thus acting as an effective automation tool.

Make (formerly Integromat) offers modules for significant information systems such as WordPress, Shopify, Google Drive, Slack, Mailchimp, Salesforce (a popular CRM), Facebook, Instagram, and many more. These modules are kinds of automatons that allow connections to these tools and to incorporate them into your intelligent automation scenarios.

Additionally, Make (formerly Integromat) also offers generic modules that allow connections via standard APIs or protocols, such as HTTP, FTP, JSON, XML, etc. This means that you can integrate virtually any application or platform that offers a programming interface (API). Thus, Make (formerly Integromat) can maximize automation of your workflow by connecting to various tools and processes that you already use.

For example, if you use Trello or SharePoint for business process management, or if you already have automation processes in place with an ERP, it is very likely that Make (formerly Integromat) has a corresponding module or method to integrate them.

Simply check the list of available modules on the official Make (formerly Integromat) website to verify compatibility with the tools you use. You will undoubtedly find automation solutions for your business processes.

In summary, Make (formerly Integromat) offers extensive compatibility with many tools and platforms for procedure automation thanks to its specific and generic modules. You can easily integrate the tools you already use into your automation projects, representing a real return on investment in terms of efficiency and process optimization.

Does your service require specific technical skills to be used?
Our automation service with Make and ChatGPT is designed to be used by individuals of all technical skill levels. Thanks to our Make automation expertise, we create an intuitive and user-friendly interface so that our users can easily access all the features. Whether you're looking to automate conversation with ChatGPT, generate automatic content for websites, or create automatic scripts with ChatGPT, our platform offers a no-code automation solution with Make tailored to your needs. With our automated writing services and automatic content creation with ChatGPT, even automatic writing for web content becomes an easy and quick task.

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