Essential for your favorite movies and TV shows for years, subtitles are now the tool to integrate into your online audiovisual content. Useful, pleasant, practical, and appreciated by users, subtitles are part of the value-added tools to insert in all your videos. Subtitles always delight clients by illustrating the words of a voice-over, translating audio content, or highlighting the essential elements of your services.

If you've ever tried them, you'll know that subtitle software can be helpful, but they don't match the quality of a writer's work. On ComeUp, you can have high-quality subtitles generated by an expert writer who will highlight your content in English or another language with a meaningful translation. Use a human caption generator to obtain contextual and relevant subtitles.

Subtitling your video is also a responsible approach for users who need it, such as people with hearing impairments or those learning the language, a new audience will finally be able to access your content, and that represents an important part of users online.

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Subtitles that enhance your video

Because subtitling services are no longer just for the movie industry, take advantage of the services of a qualified freelance caption creator for all your videos. From video advertising to YouTube videos, passing by the video editing of the last episode of your vlog, or training support, all your audiovisual content deserves a professionally realized subtitling made by an experienced human caption generator. Transcribing every word of your video, a voice-over, or even the description of sounds allows your audience to easily view and understand your content anywhere and on any media. Use subtitled audiovisual content to present your products or services to create a dynamic, accessible, and enjoyable shopping experience. Improving your video content with well-redacted text is a great SEO lever that allows you to have better referencing or indexing in your themes during a search so that you can aim for the first page of Google results. Use a graphic designer to make a high-quality video edit that delights and a writer to write a compelling script to reinforce your marketing strategy.


Video subtitling for social networks

Subtitling a video broadcast online is the new winning strategy to grow your audience and strengthen your natural referencing. When more than half of social media users on platforms like Facebook watch videos without sound, you absolutely need to integrate a subtitled option in each of your audiovisual projects.

Do you want to generate more views? Make your video accessible to more users with subtitles in different languages without having to add a voice-over. In English, French, or Spanish, your subtitle translator makes your content accessible with relevant text. Attracting a new audience by breaking the language barrier, making your videos accessible to every user profile, or boosting your SEO, you have all the right reasons and weapons to opt for the use of subtitles.

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