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Looking to add subtitles to your video?

Whether you need to caption a YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn video, an advertising spot, a presentation, a short or feature film, or any other audiovisual content, I've got you covered.

Subtitles are crucial to capture viewers' attention, improve accessibility for the hearing-impaired, and overcome any sound-related issues.

As a professional with a degree in Cinema and Audiovisuals and over a decade of experience in subtitling, I can add high-quality subtitles to your video, to make it more engaging and accessible, and to enhance the viewing experience.

With my service, you can choose between two options: permanent subtitles embedded in the video or dynamic SRT subtitle files that viewers can enable or disable as needed.

For 5€, I will create subtitles for a video up to 1 minute long using the transcription or translation text you provide. If you don't have the text, no worries! As a passionate translator with an Advanced Diploma in French Language DALF C1, a B2 level in English, and Arabic as my mother tongue, I can transcribe or translate the video for an additional 5€ each.

And if you need customized subtitles according to your preferences, including different styles, fonts, and colors, a transparent gray background, subtitle color changes during the video, or emojis… I charge an additional 5€ per minute on top of the basic fee.

The type of files that I will deliver are mp4, mov, or m4v for embedded subtitles, and srt for dynamic SRT subtitle files.

Please note that any modifications requested after the initial delivery will cost an additional 5€, unless the mistake was on my part. Also, the pricing is per video, not the total duration of several videos.

In summary, for videos less than 1 minute, my pricing is as follows:

  • Adding subtitles based on provided text: 5€
  • Transcription of video: 5€
  • Translation of video: 5€
  • Modifications after delivery: 5€ per modification, unless it's an error on my part.

Make your videos more accessible and engaging with professional subtitles! Contact me and let's add subtitles to your video together. With my professional subtitling services, your content will stand out and reach a wider audience.

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