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Although LibreOffice Calc is a spreadsheet program, you can achieve more convenience by applying a macro to your spreadsheet. For example, calculations will be performed on every row in a spreadsheet consisting of over 1000 rows. Implementing a macro, saves time in the long run, as the same task can be performed on every spreadsheet with the same schema multiple times. What’s more, implementing a window, i.e. form for entering the necessary data to perform a task, avoids errors. While processing the form, the input will be verified and only if the input is OK, will the macro proceed. Likewise, implementing forms for your LibreOffice Base projects makes it easier for you to enter the data and store it afterward in your database. Although creating macros for LO writer is more complex, it’s nevertheless manageable. Drawing borders around a table could be handled by a macro. What’s more, correcting or inserting page numbers as well as page counts is another topic for a macro. Letters can be automated, too. For example, writing an acceptance or rejection to applicants for a job. For such a task, I could create a form and place the necessary GUI elements on it.

This gig involves creating forms, queries, search forms or reports using LibreOffice base. If necessary, I can design and implement your database for your LibreOffice Base project.

What I can do else for you:
- creating queries for your LibreOffice Base project
- populate or edit the database using LibreOffice Base
- implementing macros for adding more convenience
- Examples of LO Writer macros: Automating letters, creating tables together with table borders, inserting / changing page counts or page numbers
- Examples of LO Base macros: price calculations, moving files, retrieving data from a database, check the form the user wants to submit for errors
- Examples of LO Calc macros: iterating over a spreadsheet and copying the data to a new spreadsheet, exporting a spreadsheet into a new PDF file, displaying the progress in a popup window
- Migration of your database: for example creating an MySQL or SQLite database and connecting it to your LO Base project; importing several CSV files in LO Base and creating tables out of it; creating a Firebird database and connecting it to your LO Base project

For 25 euros, I can automate one macro using LibreOffice Basic. This price is valid for one macro for your LibreOffice Writer, Calc or Base document.

For 75 euros, I’ll create a complete LibreOffice Base, Writer or Calc project consisting of several macros and forms. The forms come with a validation so that false inputs will be avoided. This makes it easier for you to store only correct values in your database. As for your LibreOffice Base project, this price covers 10 database tables, necessary macros and one report. If your project needs more tables, then you need to pay €5 for each extra table.

For 120 euros, I will migrate your LibreOffice database to SQLite, MySQL or MariaDB. Additionally, this price covers the normalization of your database, e.g. removing useless tables, storing only one information in one cell, converting a column into an appropriate datatype, etc. This price covers 10 database tables. If your project needs more tables, then you need to pay €5 for each extra table.

For an extra €5 you can add one additional table to your database. This price is also valid, if your database project relies on more than 10 tables which need to be edited, redesigned, created or deleted.

For an extra €25, I create one additional report for your LibreOffice Base project. To customize your report, I'll be using one or several macros and use the report designer to create your report. A report is useful if you want to print out your invoices or create a customer's report in a neatly formatted table.

Please take into account that I only support the standard database used in LibreOffice Base projects, which is usually a Firebird database. Additionally, I support MySQL, SQLite and MariaDB database systems.

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