I will create a professional mysql, sqlite or mariadb database application

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I worked in the DevOps team in Germany for three years where I implemented a website for the test drivers. To solve the tasks I used VueJs, Javascript, CSS, HTML as well as Python. Currently, I’m dealing with Java professionally, as I’ve been writing articles on how to develop programs in Java for a German magazine. Additionally, I possess enhanced knowledge in databases as I completed introductory and advanced courses dealing with relational databases.

Haskell supports a variety of SQL Databases including MySQL, SQLite and MariaDB. I’ve already developed a database migration tool using Haskell together with MySQL. This migration tool was able to perform several db functions such as creating or deleting a user, inserting an API key, importing a CSV file into the database, etc. The options of the database tool were defined by implementing a complex datatype.

Additionally, I can realize a database tool in Java using a text based user interface (TUI). This allows for more intuition when using this tool as no command is entered directly on the console.

What’s more, I can develop a web app in Haskell for you so that you can access your database using a GUI. Another option is to use JavaFX, which allows for Java apps having a graphical user interface. I developed my own database application using java, and JavaFX as the frontend library. MyDbApp offers a menu for adjusting the database settings such as username, password, etc. The usage of MyDbApp is password protected, which allows for more security.

For 25 euros, I create, normalize or edit your MySQL, MariaDB or SQLite database. The databases will be delivered as an SQL script including an entity relationship model diagram. The price covers 5 tables.

For an extra €75, I’ll implement a java or Haskell console program that connects to your MariaDB, MySQL or SQLite database. With this tool, you’ll be able to perform tasks on your database in a convenient way.

For an extra €90, I’ll develop a web application in Haskell or a java application with a graphical user interface. Connecting the application to your database will make it possible for you to edit your database intuitively.

For an extra €5, you can add one more table.

I will create a professional mysql, sqlite or mariadb database application

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“She received a Nanodegree in Data analysis from Udacity. Apart from that, she completed several computer science courses similar to an associate's degree at LMU in Munich, Germany. Possessing advanced knowledge of SQL databases, Java, Haskell (= functional programming), JavaScript, Python, Linux as well as the Linux Bash, she has been working in these areas for three years. Additionally, she has been writing for various publishers on topics dealing with Java, Python, Linux and physics. Prior to becoming self-employed, she worked for ten years in the automotive, education and telecommunications industries, where she held various IT roles, including IT support, software testing and web development. Her services involve developing command line programs under Java or Haskell, automating tasks under Linux using Python and Linux Shell Scripting and adapting or inserting JavaScript code in websites. Last but not least, she can read the code of others, as she has already completed several projects in which she customized Java as well as Haskell libraries.”

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