I will do professional data analysis using Jupyter Notebook or Apache Zeppelin

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I possess enhanced knowledge in Python as I completed the data analysis nanodegree at Udacity. Additionally, I worked in a DevOps team in Germany for three years where I implemented a website for the test drivers. To solve the tasks I used VueJs, Javascript, CSS, HTML as well as Python. Currently, I’m dealing with Python professionally, as I’ve been writing articles on how to develop programs in Python for a German magazine.

I’ll perform a data analysis for you by using either Jupyter Notebook or Apache Zeppelin. The data analysis will be automated using Python which will be saved in one of the aforementioned files.

Your data analysis might include the following steps based on the options you have chosen:

1) finding the right questions for your dataset(s)
2) downloading the data files programmatically
3) assessing the datasets
4) cleaning the datasets, for example converting the columns to a more appropriate datatype, etc.
5) figuring out patterns in your dataset
6) visualizing the results using different kinds of diagrams.
7) creating a report based on the results by exporting the findings into HTML, PDF or by creating a slide show

For 25 euros, I perform a data analysis for you using Python. The result will be either stored in a Jupyter Notebook or Apache Zeppelin file. This price includes downloading the data files if necessary. After reading in the data in your python script, the data will be assessed. After that, I visualize the results by using different kinds of diagrams. Please bear in mind that for this price you’ll get 5 diagrams or charts.

For an extra €30, I’ll assess and clean your CSV files using Python tools. This is helpful if your raw data consists of several files which can be merged into one singe file. Additionally, I’ll correct the data types of the columns so that it’ll be easier for you to actually work with the data. For example, convert strings to numbers if the column actually consists only of columns.

For an extra €30, I deliver a report of your data analysis. This option is intended for those who need to present the results of their data analysis. The report will either consist of a written PDF/ODT document, an HTML website or a slide show which you can start in your web browser.

For an extra €5, you can add one more diagram or chart to your data analysis.

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