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I’ve been working as a freelance author for an important magazine on Linux in Europe. Beside of having dealt with lots of different software, I installed and reviewed several operating systems such as Void Linux that are available for Raspberry Pi.

Installation of mesa drivers, drivers for different monitors as well as other types of peripherals is something which I can do for you. During my freelance work as an author, I write reviews about hardware compatible to Linux or Raspberry Pi from time to time. That’s why I can deal with different kinds of hardware such as installing and setting up VoIP on Raspberry Pi or 3.5'' LCD monitors, etc.

Tasks can be automated by writing bash or python scripts. Regular tasks on the contrary can be executed by setting up a cron job. Another option is to write a Java console program, for example a Java program to access the hardware of the Raspberry Pi such as GPIO, etc. What’s more, java will run smoothly on the Raspberry Pi. Additionally, there are different Java compilers available which will run successfully on the Raspberry Pi.

If there is a java library suitable for the Raspberry Pi out there, I can extend its functionality. For example, the addition of columns to a database used by that java library would be a possible use case. What’s more, I can implement additional features to that library such as performing additional calculations and displaying them on the monitor, etc.

For 15 euros, I set up your Raspberry Pi 2, 3 or 4. Specifically, I can create images for various distributions: Gentoo, Void Linux, Alpine, FedoraARM, Opensuse, Raspbian, and DietPi. Additionally, I configure your Raspberry Pi’s “config.txt” and “cmdline.txt” so that it will boot the images successfully.

For an extra €15, I can configure the peripheral devices of your Raspberry Pi such as monitor, Waveshare sound module, scanner or printer via remote control. This may also include the installation of drivers such as the graphics driver “MESA” for your Raspberry Pi’s GPU hardware.

For an extra €30, I can implement shell scripts, setup cron jobs or python programs to automate tasks on your Raspberry Pi.

For an extra €40, I can extend libraries written in Java or Haskell that are aimed at running on your Raspberry Pi, e.g. setting up a database and storing the data in a database instead of a file.

For an extra €50, I can create a Java console program from scratch that will run on your Raspberry Pi. This program will be able to access the GPIO pins of your Raspberry Pi to perform some tasks.

For an extra €60, I can create a Java program containing a graphical user interface using JavaFX. It will run on your raspberry pi. This program will be able to access the GPIO pins of your Raspberry Pi to perform some tasks.

Please note, that I only support MariaDB, MySQL and SQLite databases.

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