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I’ve been working as a freelance author for an important magazine aimed at developers in Europe. Additionally, I worked in the DevOps team in Germany for three years where I implemented a website for the test drivers. To solve the tasks I used Vue.js, JavaScript, CSS, HTML as well as Python.

What’s more, I possess professional experience with Haskell. In one of my Haskell projects, I adapted a Yesod web application in which I made MySQL support available. Additionally, I inserted a search form used for looking through the imported bookmarks. Not only that, I also created a complex query, which was basically a full text search using the Haskell library called Esqueleto. With Esqueleto I can virtually implement all MySQL functions by myself even if they are not provided by the library. This ensures type safety and readable code. Not only that, the entered text of the user is parsed using the library Parsec, which is widely known in the Haskell development. With Parsec, I was able to parse pretty complex phrases.

I developed several Haskell command line tools dealing with data analysis and data visualization. To accomplish these tasks, I used gnuplot in the background, which produced the diagrams.

Additionally, I implemented a bot in Haskell for several games. The bots were actually used as a Chrome extension.

This gig involves creating one page web applications using the Haskell framework Yesod. It’s a framework combining Haskell as the main back-end language with JavaScript, CSS and HTML as the front-end languages. It supports a variety of libraries, which makes it pretty versatile. Under Yesod the data can be sent to the server via the GET, or POST method or by using Ajax.

Additionally, I can extend an existing Haskell library by adding more functionality or connecting it to a MariaDB, SQLite or MySQL database. This library can be a Yesod web application where I can add additional web pages or implement the search engine “sphinx” to improve the search.

Another task can be to create a Haskell command line tool such as a bot for a board game or a tool used for data analysis and data visualization. This tool can read in your CSV files and produce diagrams using gnuplot. Apart from that the diagrams could be printed out in the terminal by using ASCII art. What’s more, I can realize a Haskell GTK program which comes with a GUI.

The Haskell programs will be delivered as a Stack project, which will include the source code. Please note, that I only support MariaDB, MySQL and SQLite databases. Apart from that, I can implement websites using Yesod but no other frontend. The GUI will usually be realized by using the GTK frontend and no other frontend.

For 15 euros, I can edit or review your Haskell code or solve a task such as a bug.

For an extra €30, I can recompile an existing Haskell program to adapt to another or newer version of the GHC compiler.

For an extra €40, I can extend a Haskell library by adding one functionality such as implementing one search form, adding the sphinx search engine to your Yesod project, etc.

For an extra €50, I can develop a command line tool which performs data analysis using gnuplot in the background. You will be able to run the compiled Haskell program in the terminal just like any other utility. This price covers the implementation of 5 diagrams or charts.

For an extra €60, I can develop a Haskell bot for a board game which can be run in the terminal. It might be possible to create a Chrome extension which executes the Haskell bot.

For an extra €70, I can create a Haskell program containing a graphical user interface using GTK. This price covers 5 main functions.

For an extra €80, I can create one single website for a Yesod project. This price covers the implementation of JavaScript, HTML and CSS code.

For an extra €5, you can add one more diagram or chart to your data analysis.
For an extra €15, you can add one main function to your GTK Haskell program.
For an extra €30, you can add one form or website to your Yesod website.

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