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Currently, I’m dealing professionally with Java, as I’ve been writing articles on how to develop programs in Java for a German magazine. What’s more, I developed my own database application called MyDbApp using JavaFX for the frontend. In Germany, I worked in the DevOps team for three years in which I implemented a website for the test drivers using VueJs, Javascript, CSS, HTML as well as Python. Additionally, I possess enhanced knowledge in software engineering as I completed relevant introductory and advanced courses.

This gig involves creating Java console programs as well as programs in JavaFX. The Java software will be delivered as a Maven project containing the source code. Please note, that I only support MariaDB, MySQL and SQLite databases.

A java application can become pretty outdated after a year or so. It’s because newer versions of libraries have come out or functions and classes have become deprecated, respectively. As a result, the java application needs to be recompiled. What’s more, I can add new features or extend a Java library.

There are cases where a bloated software with a GUI is not always needed. Rather, a software with a text based user interface (TUI) or a command line interface is required. A good java library capable of implementing a TUI similar to the famous command line tool midnight commander is Lanterna. Another option involves using Picocli which makes it possible to create command line tools such as git, tar, etc. Command line tools are great for developing software used by scientists or which run on a Raspberry Pi.

JavaFX should be taken into account if a software with a GUI is needed. Of all the Java GUI frameworks out there, it is the one that is the most advanced. It allows for a liquid layout which can be created using the Grid Pane as the main container. Its styling is similar to a website as it works together with CSS scripts.

For 20 euros, I can edit or review your Java code or solve a task, i.e. implementing just one single function of a button or so.

For an extra €40, I can extend a Java library by adding one functionality, such as integrating a MySQL database or recompiling it so that it compiles under the latest JDK.

For an extra €40, I can develop a server or client using the Apache Mina library. Apache Mina can deal with several protocols: TCP, UDP. Its area of expertise is the implementation of a non-blocking server.

For an extra €50, I can develop a command line tool which performs data analysis or is suitable for scientists with regard to calculating something. I can use gnuplot in the background. The frontend will be realized by using Picocli or Lanterna. You will be able to run the compiled Java program in the terminal just like any other utility. This price covers the implementation of 5 functions such as five different charts, etc.

For an extra €70, I can develop a Java simulation machine with a graphical user interface realized by JavaFX. This software will be able to simulate chemical or physical reactions by making use of a chart library for scientific purposes. This price covers the implementation of 5 functions such as five different charts, etc.

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