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Are you in need of SRT subtitles for your video content?

Are you looking for an SRT file to import it into a YouTube, Facebook or other video

Look no further!

As a professional video editor with a specialized degree in cinema and audiovisual, and with over a decade of experience in the field of video and image, I am here to offer my expertise in creating SRT subtitle files for your videos.

Adding subtitles to your video can be beneficial for multiple reasons, such as solving sound problems, targeting the deaf and hard of hearing, and improving the overall message conveyed by the video.

If you are looking to add dynamic subtitles to your YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn video, you have come to the right place.

There are two ways to add subtitles to your video:

  1. Either through embedded subtitles, which is another service that you can check on my profile.
  2. Or by creating a dynamic SRT file.

For 5€, I will create an SRT file for your video based on the text you provide, a file which can be easily imported into your video (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn…).

I also offer transcription and translation services, which you can find on my profile too, so if you don’t have the text, no worries!

With my B2 level proficiency in English, Advanced Diploma in French Language DALF C1, and Arabic as my mother tongue:

✅ I can transcribe your video in English, French, or Arabic, for an additional 5€ fee for videos less than 1 minute in length.

✅ And I can translate your video in English, French, or Arabic, if you need a translation, for an additional 5€ fee for videos less than 1 minute in length.

In summary, for videos less than 1 minute, my pricing is as follows:

  • SRT subtitle file creation based on provided text: 5€
  • Transcription of video: 5€
  • Translation of video: 5€

Modifications after delivery are chargeable: it's 5€ per modification, unless it's an error on my part.

For videos of durations longer than 1 minute, please check the options available below.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of my service and improve the accessibility and effectiveness of your video content. Let me help you add dynamic subtitles to your videos today!

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